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How do you eat chocolate? Do you savor it, square by square, allowing it to slowly melt in your mouth, giving your tongue the grand opportunity to taste the complex flavor as each different flavor note bursts along your taste buds? 

Do you eat it mindlessly as an afternoon snack, a “habit” with little ritual or enjoyment? Does it serve to “fill” you but when you really think about it, you realize that it hasn’t actually satisfied you? 

I’m one to really savor my chocolate…and I’ve gotten pretty good at it, considering I indulge every day! I never eat a whole bar in one sitting, but I’m selective in my choices and opt for the ones that give me the most enjoyment and satisfaction. 

Today, I had a couple of squares of Chocolove’s Currants and Almonds in Dark Chocolate. While it’s not one of my absolute favorite brands, there are some Chocolove varieties that stand out as really stellar to me, and this is one of them. For this particular bar, I probably would enjoy smaller almonds, maybe pieces as opposed to whole almonds or halves. It definitely gives a crunch as promised, but I prefer to hold the morsel in my mouth longer to let it melt and engage all the flavors, rather than bite into it repetitively. 

chocolove currants almonds dark chocolate

The chocolate itself, however, is exquisitely complex and full of flavor. It definitely has a dark and robust taste. It is a perfect after-lunch indulgence. Just don’t eat the whole bar at once- I never do! 

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