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Image by Yasmine Boheas

Signature 3-Day Personal Shopping and Styling Service 

This signature service is a comprehensive way to refine and build your wardrobe.

Through a 3-day, 3-step process, we’ll work with the wardrobe you have, shop for the style you want, and blend the two together for your very best YOU. 

My approach to styling is intuitive, fun, and sensorial- we identify pieces for your wardrobe that not only make you feel your best, but spark your senses and ignite your life! You’ll possess a wardrobe that works for you- both in the present day and also for what’s to come. 


Additional travel fee may apply


This step focuses on an in-depth look at your wardrobe (including shoes, outerwear, and accessories). During a private in-home session (about 3 hours), we’ll make decisions based on the current season and upcoming occasions (celebrations, job-related situations, vacations, etc) in your life. 

After we carefully edit your closet, you’ll have time to review the decisions you made and ensure you are comfortable with each one. If you find a garment needs to be added or replaced, we’ll include it on your master shopping list and fill in the gaps during our shopping session together. 


Day Two of your service is a strategic in-person shopping excursion. We’ll meet at a specific store that matches not only your style preferences but also your budget.  Plan for about 2 hours and wear comfortable shoes.

Remember, this is no typical shopping experience. Gone are the horrors of combing through racks and tangled hangers, searching for sizes, and agonizing over picking the “right” colors. All this will have been done for you- just show up ready to review the shopping game plan with me- and try on lots of clothes! 

Prior to your arrival, I will have started the wardrobe hunt, setting aside the pieces that match your current needs. Once we meet, I’ll answer any questions and you’ll get started in the dressing room, which will be ready with the clothes and accessories I’ve specifically chosen for you! 



Day Three encompasses one of my favorite parts: styling you! We reconvene at your home to create various looks that you will easily be able to replicate. This session typically runs about 2.5 hours, and is when the creativity really gets churning. We'll combine your new items and old favorites into gorgeous outfits, down to the shoes! 

I will review how we created each outfit and the layering pieces included, so you can dress yourself with confidence and take the guesswork out of selecting your outfits each day. 

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