Personal Styling Services

The perfect intro to personal styling, this in-home mini session takes an in-depth look into your closet & answers the question "who am I, and how does my wardrobe reflect that?"

Style Discovery Session

This signature service is a comprehensive way to refine and build your wardrobe. Through this 3-day, 3-step process, we’ll work with the wardrobe you have, shop for the style you want, and blend the two together for your very best YOU.

Signature Styling and Personal Shopping Experience

Over-stuffed closet has you going bonkers? This intimate in-home session shines a light on your wardrobe and digs into the dark corners and forgotten nooks. We'll figure out what to keep, tailor, and donate, ensuring your wardrobe matches your personality and lifestyle. 

Seasonal Closet Edit

Whether you're on the hunt for a special item or are seeking monthly wardrobe advice, virtual services give you just what you need! 

Virtual Style Advising

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