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Hot Chocolate

I was having such a hankering for hot chocolate for the last few weeks. Not that powdered, packaged, Swiss Miss stuff- nosirree, I wanted the “real thing”. And finally, I got it. This past Saturday evening, I settled in for a relaxing evening at home with a small cup of decadent, rich hot chocolate. It was soothing and delightful, the thickness of it so palpable against my tongue.

This particular hot chocolate was made with Chocolove’s dark chocolate bar with crystalized ginger. Heavenly. Something to savor. What made it even more interesting to the senses was the bits of crystalized ginger that remained in the liquid. I’m a big fan of ginger and its warming effects on the body (and one’s psyche, if you are willing to open yourself up to noticing it and succumbing to it).

Nights with hot chocolate are always a treat….

chocolove, dark chocolate with crystalized ginger

little cups of hot chocolate

Made with Chocolove’s Crystalized Ginger Dark Chocolate. Was delicious!

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