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Image by Yasmine Boheas

Style Discovery Session 

This in-home session is all about you! Whether you have a strong sense of your wardrobe's "personality", are a style chameleon changing from mood-to-mood, or are striving to define (or redefine) what "personal style" even means to you, we'll work together to develop a clear message.


Taking an in-depth look into your closet, we'll spend about an hour discussing your style and the stories your wardrobe tells about life as you know it. Next, we'll identify your dreams for the future and the garments that match your vision. We'll wrap up the last half hour of our session by crafting a clearly defined style statement that leaves you feeling confident as you walk out the door each day!


Average run time: 1.5-2 hours

Additional travel fee may apply

Seasonal Closet Edit

In this intimate, in-home session, we’ll shine a light on your wardrobe with a focus on your in-season pieces, digging  into the dark corners and forgotten nooks of your closet.


Carefully reviewing each garment, we’ll do some major excavation in a way that is fun, poignant, upbeat, and rooted in self-exploration.  I’ll help you figure out what to keep, donate, or tailor, ensuring your style reflects your personality and matches your lifestyle. 


Next, you’ll have some alone time to review your decisions and make sure you are comfortable with each one. Feeling nostalgic about that band t-shirt? Resurrect it from the donation pile and we’ll find a new way to wear it. Realized you don’t need that fourth pair of black pants? Set them free and say adieu! 


After this short break, we’ll reconvene and get down to even more fun—shopping right from your closet! Now that you’ve pared down and gained some clarity, we’ll spend the next hour in a creative playshop where we mix and match your favorite pieces, creating unique combinations you may never thought of before! 


Average run time: 3.5-4 hours

Additional travel fee may apply

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