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Jessica H,
 Riverdale, NY

Thank you for helping me dress the “me” that I want to be.  I felt like the process was both strategic and fun. I ended up with some great new ideas and some combos from my own closet. I feel like getting dressed is now energizing.

Susan S, 

New York, NY 

The closet remake has been a real game changer for me.  I am now wearing clothes I like and feel comfortable in every day.  And on my vacation, I felt more polished than usual (more jackets and pants, no jeans), which was a great feeling. 

Debra K, 

Berks County, PA 

I always hated clothes shopping because I never knew what style clothes I would look good in.  Victoria helped me discover a whole new look, including things I would never try on before because I didn't think I could wear them. She was great & very patient with me. I feel like a new woman! She has a way of looking at you & knowing what you would look great in & has a talent for color & style.  I trust her to be my personal stylist!

Maria L, 

Staten Island, NY 

You are my Angel when you go shopping with me. You know what I want and you know what looks good for me to be happy. I love that you care so much.

Jamie R, 

Old Bridge, NJ

Working with Victoria at her style party made me understand why I love the styles I do. I always loved dressing up and have been crazy about clothes since I was a little girl.  The internet makes all styles possible for all sizes, which wasn’t the case for a plus sized person like myself, for a lot of years. I didn’t put all of that together until we were talking that night.  Fashion is the way we show the world who we are, before they ever get to know us as a person and now I understand myself even more. It was so wonderfully insightful to take the time to examine it the way we did.   

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