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My services are for women who want to feel good, luscious, and lively without sacrificing style, sanity, or savings.
 You want to have a little fun with your wardrobe, look perfectly appropriate at any event, and be true to your style, whether in stilettos or sneakers. 

You may be navigating a new beginning or transition in your life. Perhaps you are in a period of discovery or reinvention.  The list below includes some of the top reasons my clients seek out my services.

Let me know which speak to you so we can customize your styling sessions and best meet your needs and goals! 

You want to express yourself through your wardrobe and aren’t sure how to get started.

You have a ton of clothes and want guidance to weed out the outdated pieces while giving new life to the items you still love

You’re up for a promotion or career change and want to edit your wardrobe so it matches your new professional life

The notion of "shopping your closet" appeals to you. 

You have an idea of your “personal style” and want professional expertise in defining it and making it a facet of your “brand”

You want to change your style and have support in taking creative leaps and making changes that stick

You are about to experience a major milestone that requires a new wardrobe (or just a few new key pieces).

You’re ready to totally reinvent yourself!

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