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The “china pattern” print blouse

Not too long ago, while shopping with my mother, I came across this blouse in a print that normally wouldn’t be my style…not just in regards to clothing, but anything- home decor, wall paper, journal, hand towels- nothing. It was what I would best describe as a “china pattern” print. This time, I was attracted to it.

The style was uncharacteristic of me as well- a higher “boatneck” line, cap sleeves, colors that aren’t bright and cheerful, and a billowy shape. Yet there was just something about this shirt that spoke to me.

china pattern print blouse Cynthia Rowly

Cynthia Rowley top, purchased at Marshalls (Aug 2014)

So I purchased it. I added a beaded belt to cinch the waist a little bit (what did I just do there?! I actually mixed prints?!?!), and went about my day today. I am loving the pattern and the feel of the fabric, and little did I know that this billowy style actually suits me!

There is just something about this ensemble that seems to characteristically “me”, even though I felt a little unrecognizable at first. I feel like this “new look” addressed aspects of myself that perhaps have not had the opportunity to come out and play yet. How fun it is to give them the chance!

china pattern print blouse Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley print blouse, purchased at Marshalls (Aug 2014)

What are some styles, prints, or fabrics that you have recently found yourself uncharacteristically being attracted to? Share below!

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