Sweet Sniffing

A couple of weeks ago, I indulged in a scented purchase at Pier 1 Imports. I’m happy to report that the fragrance is long-lasting, pungent, and can be smelled throughout most of the house. That’s a good deal!

What I’m liking about this scent in particular is that though it is called “Sweet Pumpkin”, it doesn’t smell much like pumpkin. This appeals to my “avoid all things trendy and disgustingly over-popular” side, particularly as we have been inundated by a sea of “everything pumpkin” since the end of July.

My nose picks up the sweet, warm scents connected to freshly-baked cookies: vanilla and sweet cream, perhaps a little cinnamon. Not much pumpkin. I’m good with that.

Sweet Pumpkin reed diffuser- Pier 1 Imports

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