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Cute little blue cups and saucers

Something that always strikes my fancy and gives a pleasant tug at my heartstrings is the sight of two sets of cups and saucers, filled with the warm, inviting blend of espresso and warm milk that is a cortado. On Monday, we stopped by Bluebird before heading to our first ayurvedic cooking demonstration (more about that in a future post- you don’t write a sensory blog and not devote a full post to something that intrigues the senses quite like a cooking demo does!).

The cortados were okay but the vibe of the cafe was cute and quaint, and I loved the little blue cups and saucers. The color of bluebirds. How apropos!

Bluebird cafe, cortados, coffee

(PS- cortados are served in clear glasses, but other beverages are served in blue cups that match the saucers)

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