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Broken Bracelet

Yesterday while at work, I heard this slight “shattery” noise, quickly followed by the sound of small objects bouncing on a hard surface. In the next second or two, I felt something touch my forearm, leg, finger. 

Turns out the elastic of my crystal bracelet finally gave way and broke, taking all of the sparkly crystal beads and silver trinkets with it. I was able to collect most of the fallen pieces, but what I was struck by was the effect on my senses. I can practically still hear the sounds, feel the beads falling, taste my wondering of the “symbolism” of the bracelet breaking.

crystal bracelet

Though I’ve never worn it as an amulet, it did bring to mind the traditional understanding of a Turkish evil eye (called  “Nazar Boncugu” as per Merveonur– thank you!)- that when it breaks, any “evil” or “bad luck” has been reverted from you. The noise and sensation of the beads dropping all around me certainly caught my attention! 

There was a time that I actually had an evil eye amulet (from Turkey) break a couple of years ago. I’m not so certain about it having done its job of protecting me from harm. After carefully vacuuming up and throwing away all the pieces, at least one little glass shard escaped me and got into my foot! Imagine the symbolism of an evil eye amulet bit getting stuck within the individual it was supposed to protect. Eeek!!

Luckily, I take things like that with a grain of salt. My approach is that it is fun to ruminate about, but not to put much stock into. In any case, this non-amulet bracelet that just broke alerted my senses to the sounds and sights around me, and that is exactly what I seek in each and every day– a little more sensory awareness and enjoyment of my surroundings. 

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