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Tiara Testing (Haute Perfumerie)

At Sniffapalooza, I received a bevy of fragrance samples. I’m making the commitment to sample each one by one. I tried Tiara from House of Sillage last week and I’m making another attempt today. It is ntended to be “emotive and sensuously magnetic” and “a sumptuously evocative fragrance that is further transformed by the woman wearing it.” I guess I failed woefully at that because it wound up just smelling like “old lady” on me the first time. Perhaps it is too musky and definitely powdery, neither of which are notes that I am particularly fond. On today’s spritz, it smells slightly better but almost unimaginative- it smells much like many other perfumes I’ve smelled. The bottle, however, is quite beautiful! I did not get to see it until I looked online as there is no image of the bottle on the sample packaging, but it is truly lovely.

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