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Oddly-Flavored Tea Favorably Tickles Palate

I have never been a big tea drinker. I had inherited my mother’s “tea is for when you are sick” stance on the beverage and my father’s penchant for coffee, but in recent years I’ve become a bit more fond of the stuff. I’m intrigued by the different flavor palettes and countries of origin, and as I educate myself, I’ve come to learn that tea is far more than the Lipton of my youth.

I attended the 2013 Coffee and Tea Festival in NYC and became even further acquainted with tea. In our gift bags, we received several different samples, a few of which came from Numi Tea’s Savory Tea collection- Tomato Mint and Carrot Curry. They were both pretty odd in that the flavors are unexpected for beverages, but…I fell in love with them. There is just something about that crazy savory taste and aroma that gets me every time.

Now, I’m not as enthused about the Carrot Curry as the Tomato Mint, but the latter definitely pleases me every time. I’ve come to enjoy the “ritual” of boiling water, eagerly opening the pack holding the tea bag, and plopping it in, pouring the water into my favorite gigundo mug, and waiting (patiently. Wait, am I waiting patiently? It seems to be the proper way to wait, but I’m not sure how effective I have been at this patience thing) until the tea is ready.

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Tomato Mint Numi Tea

I love the different tastes that emerge as I drink. The tomato, the little hint of cool mint, cinnamon, and lemon. I get it now- there is just something majestic about sipping a cup of tea! I’m glad that I have started to include it in my sensory reveries!

Tomato Mint Numi Tea
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