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Nostalgic Odors- Play-Doh

There’s just something about a container of Play-Doh that brings me right back to childhood. Sure, the familiar logo and yellow canister plays a role, but the main thing that transports me is definitely the smell of that stuff. Even though it’s not the most pleasant smell, there is something very comforting about it. So much so that a former colleague of mine brought in a couple of mini canisters in to work a few years ago so that we could have the “back to childhood” experience when things got too rough at the office.

It’s been over two years since I’ve been at that job, and today I just so happened to be clearing out some old things. I came upon that mini canister. I smiled to myself as I remembered the comfort it brought me.


I cracked it open:

Play-Doh open cover

I did what anyone else in my position would have done:

play-doh, sniff

Going in for The Sniff!

And even took the Play-Doh out of its container and gave it a squeeze:

Squeeze it!

Squeeze it!



And marveled that it was still soft, after all those years, and enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.

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