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Happy 1st Day of Sweater!

If memory serves me correctly, today is the first day I’ve worn a sweater since the start of summer. Since the temps are below 70 today, I figured it was the perfect time to pull this out of the closet. I always like wearing it cinched with a belt and think it gives the garment an interesting shape that way.

Sweater weather

Sweater weather

I almost caved and got a pumpkin spice latte (the ultimate in “it’s fall!” indicators) today, but opted to forgo it. While the (short) walk to the cafe would have been nice, I’d be canceling out all the calories I burned from the walk by ingesting the pumpkin coffee goodness. So maybe next time. For now I’m enjoying my flouncy cinched cardigan and dreaming of fall breezes until I’m done at the office today.

Sweater Weather better weather Christmas Tree Shops

Sweater Weather Better Weather

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