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Coffee Every Day

I’m sure I am not alone in my penchant for coffee. I’ve grown up with it. It started with my father’s love for the brew– he actually put his Kellog’s Corn Flakes in coffee instead of milk. For a time, I did too (Decaf. Instant.). Eventually it started to taste “weird” to me and after I while I placed it as a “chemical taste”. I got away from drinking instant coffee and moved on to flavored beans, which were a definite improvement.

These days, I’ve evolved and drink single origin coffee, carefully identifying the tasting notes and savoring each sip. I’ve been introduced to the cortado, which is one of my favorite ways to drink coffee.

A few weeks ago, I happened upon Toby’s Estate, a charming establishment with some good cortados. Always have to take a moment to appreciate the latte art too:

Toby's Estate, cortado, coffee, latte art, heart, art

Cortado with Latte (He)art

If you recall from one of my earlier posts, “I see hearts everywhere“, and here is a lovely little heart adorning my cortado.

Fun with coffee photography

Fun with coffee photography

Coffee for two

Coffee for two

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