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Bringing a Taste of Home to the Office

These days, it’s quite common to spend one’s lunch hour eating in the office at one’s desk. What are some things you do to create a more homey environment? What can you do to make your daily lunch a more sensory experience? 

Even the simple action of bringing leftovers from home rather than ordering takeout can make lunch a more “homey” experience, but I try to take it a few steps further. No little salt and pepper packets for me. I bring a salt and pepper grinder (purchased at Trader Joe’s for an affordable $1.99 each) to engage in the experience and give my meal more of a “freshly prepared” feel. 

trader joes pepper salt grinder

Salt and pepper grinders (“Everyday Seasoning”) from Trader Joe’s.

I use sturdy, reusable containers rather than the “typical” takeout containers and use a colorful placemat. REAL flatware also makes a huge difference! I also bring in fancy printed napkins so I have something nice to look at while I eat. 

homemade lunch real flatware

Homemade lunch and REAL flatware!

These subtle, easy, and quick tweaks make such a difference in engaging the senses and making an at-the-desk lunch much more appealing! Try it some time and let me know what you think! 

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