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A quick cooking job on a cloudy day

Today I made some roasted butternut squash. While I did it out of necessity (I was a day over the “use by” date), it was the perfect day for it- quiet, cloudy, the threat of rain looming in each hour.

I opened the refrigerator door and saw a jar of Mrs. Renfro’s pineapple salsa. In the mood to “use up” things, I was planning on using that towards the end and maybe throwing in a few mango slices. However, I started the roasting with some simple ingredients- leek, freshly ground pepper, salt, crushed garlic, curry powder, and ras al hanout- and towards the end I took a taste that proclaimed that it was “just right” as it is. I’m looking forward to eating this as a side with a hearty meal. The scent and taste of the caramelized bits is wonderful, and its autumnal shades of orange are just perfect.

Happy eating!

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